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Celebrate God's Love with Christian Books

Reading Christian books, listing to Christian music, and partaking in other contemporary Christian entertainment can be a source of spiritual renewal and great joy. Christian entertainment can also present a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with other Christians in an environment infused with the spirit and love of God. You can participate in the joyful celebration of God's work through man by starting a Christian book club, a Bible study group, or hosting a "listening" party for the ...
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Selling Your Books In Bulk

Have you ever dreamed of selling your book to a large corporation? A sale that would register several thousand copies of non-returnable product on the book sale meter? What's that? You've never thought of it, you say? Well, never fear! It's not too late to pursue this avenue, especially if you have a book ripe for a particular market. Before you embark on this project, it's important to understand the possibilities out there. Start being aware of incentive items you might see and understand how ...
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Writing Tips for Children's Picture Books

Although some advice for authors of children's stories and books may seem contradictory, the basics are rather unchanged and stable. The following tips can help all of us write and produce more interesting and well accepted picture books. No, I am not including all the information needed for writing a children's book, just enough to help. Start with action: As with any story or book, the author should start with action just as quickly as possible. The words and illustrations should catch and ...
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New Book Award - Practitioners Book Award - to Focus on Business Books

The Belvedere Press has decided to sponsor an award focused to an underserved segment of the multibillion dollar book market - business books. The award, called the Practitioners Book Award, will be focused to books that provide immediate, take away value. The selection committee is drawn from senior level executives who know value in a book when they see it. "We feel that the business book market is underinvested, and provides a good opportunity for growth." says Robert Baer, manager for the ...
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Used Books Are By Far The Easiest Way To Find Cheap Text Books

If you're in college you most likely fit the stereotype of the poor college student, eating ramen and sucking down coffee to stay fed and awake for your late-night study sessions. College is expensive, and with some private college tuitions reaching over $35,000 it's easy to come out of a four year university over $100,000 in debt. Of course, tuition doesn't cover everything; college students still need to pay for things like housing, clothes, food, and books. Many students' schedules make it ...
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How to Make Money Writing and Selling e-Books

Writing and selling e-Books are a great way to generate passive income and establish yourself as an expert in your field. You may be thinking that you can't write an e-Book for one reason or another or that the process of writing and selling is just too overwhelming. While it's true it is a big undertaking, it is not impossible. Many successful infopreneurs generate a great deal of passive income selling information online. The most obvious advantage of being an infopreneur is the low overhead ...
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